Day Center Volunteers

We wanted to let you know that we now have a clear plan for weekend volunteer coverage at the Day Center.
Because there will be more scrutiny (including background checks) for all Day Center Volunteers, we will be creating a separate pool of volunteers who will serve at the Day Center during the week and on the weekends.   Therefore Host Coordinators will not be responsible for recruiting weekend volunteers coverage during the hours that the families are at the Day Center.  We haven’t yet set the hours that the families will be at the Day Center on the weekend and we are tentatively open to negotiating the arrival and departure hours somewhat on a week by week basis depending on that week’s Host’s preferences. 

We will have a Day Center Volunteer Coordinator who will be managing this process and these volunteersVolunteers may serve in this way from faith communities, but they will not be coordinated by each faith community’s Host Coordinator.   This will also be a way that unaffiliated people can connect and volunteer on a regular basis.  Already there are people who have let us know that they are interested in volunteering regularly at the Day Center to connect with and support and even teach particular skills to our guests.

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